Joining Buell

The Buell Group is evolving dynamically both within the Hospitality & Leisure sector and in other consumer facing areas of the business marketplace.  As a consequence, we are continually looking for new Business Associates and Business Partner organisations to join us who are a clear strategic fit with our organisation.  Partners may be either nationally or regionally based businesses, but should not overlap with existing Business Partners other than in a manner that is not material.

Business Associates are highly experienced individuals typically either working in a self-employed plural manner or on a part-time basis within a non-conflicting business environment.  Associates will have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in a given area of specialism, and must have unimpeachable credentials.  They will be expected to provide references from several leading industry figures and organisations, and have a clear track record of achievement throughout their career, with some at a senior level.

Business Partners are established companies with a minimum 5 years track record of delivering high quality services to a satisfied client base.  Such companies will be expected to be able to demonstrate their credentials with the support of testimonial from several identifiable clients, they must be financially robust, and must be able to demonstrate a high level of integrity in the delivery of their services and/or products.

People interested in joining Buell as either a Business Associate or Business Partner should contact us in the first instance for an exploratory chat.